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TAP Team Requirements
(Eligible for team Benefits/Sponsorships):

  • TAP Approved Uniform
    • Any black 5.11 uniform is acceptable
    • Uniforms are required to play in all events
    • Patches will be provided for no extra cost to you
  • $65 bi-yearly or $130 yearly team dues (Team Fund):
    • Covers patches for uniforms
    • Enables the team to have banners, tents, posters, etc
  • TAP Approved Markers – All members MUST own a Tippmann
    • All woodsball events and scenario games MUST be played with a Tippmann marker
    • All pump markers must be manufactured by Component Concepts Inc (CCI) and can ONLY be used during pump competitions and team practices
    • All magfed markers are allowed and can ONLY be used during “magfed only” competitions
  • Team Practices:
    • Our team practices typically on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. You must attend at least 1 practice per month but we prefer you attend both.
  • Team Participation:
    • Help grow and expand our sponsors and their businesses
    • Help plan and execute team scenarios and events
    • Help raise money for the team

 TAP Team Membership Requirements:

  • Enjoy the sport
    • Enjoy losing
    • Be ok with new players who have little or no experience
    • Celebrate a win, even if it isn’t yours
  • Be a leader
    • Teach less experienced players tactics and strategy
    • Always be willing to follow your own instructions
    • Lead by example
  • Display good sportsmanship
    • TAP has a great reputation, let’s keep it that way
    • Pick the new players to be on your team first
    • Always shake the hand of the person who frustrates you
    • No swearing on or off the field
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle
    • Cannot participate in Drugs or Illegal activities
    • No drinking/alcohol at any paintball field or event
    • Be a role model

All TAP Team members are required to eat a paintball during their first field experience with TAP. It’s a TAP thing.

 2013 Team Packet

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